Lodge Lore

August 2017

Michele smiling at the cameraI’m so happy to introduce you to The Lodge’s new Activity Director, April Oldfield. Actually, April is not new to us, as she has been a dedicated employee the Littlejohn Companies for almost 20 years – most recently as Activity Director at our neighbor facility, Sherwood Assisted Living.

April brings a power packed resume’ with many activity-related certifications, including S.A.I.L. (Staying Alive and Independent for Life), a strength, balance and fitness class for adults 65+, Chair Chi (sitting Tai Chi), and Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance, a research based training regimen designed for older adults.

April Oldfield

April Oldfield

Her own interests and hobbies blend well with those of our residents as well. She loves knitting, crocheting, painting, reading, felting, sewing and crafting, so if you enjoy any of those interests April is a great resource for those hobbies too.

When I asked her how she feels about being a part of the Lodge she said, “I am excited and looking forward to this new adventure in my life. It is what I love to do. I’ve known and admired Beth (The Lodge’s former Activity Director) for 10 years and hope to do justice to her program. I also love to get input and new ideas from my residents. So I hope that people will feel they can share their ideas with me.” 

We are so lucky to have a person like April, with her experience and credentials as our new Activity Director. I’m sure you’ll find her welcoming and highly qualified.